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Microsoft programmers thought this would make life easier for users, as most of them only use a small percentage of all possibilities the items contain. In this case you'll get a message that the loading failed. These tell you that the fonts were probably not installed correctly. This message indicates that there is already a server with this number running on the system.

However, all new home servers (CERNHOME01 -> 08) have an incoming access, so that users can use "ftp", like this (example for CERNHOME01): ftp cernhome01.cern.ch (login with NICE account name and Please note: on older monitors you need to be careful extending the ranges as it can be easily destroyed. I keep getting the message: "failed to initialize core devices" You get an error message like: (EE) xf86OpenSerial: Cannot open device Logitech No such file or directory. (EE) Mouse1: cannot open Simply execute: xpine -login loginid which will open a second "pine" session (eventually at a separate window) for the wanted loginid.

It should no longer be seen on any recent X server release since the required fonts are now builtin to libXfont. Any idea how to fix that? Question (QA 385) - FTP to NICE from outside CERN How can I "ftp" to NICE from outside CERN? If you need to reset your password, click here.